VFX Forth Community editions

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VFX Forths for desktops

V5 release notes
V4 release notes
V3 release notes

VFX Forth for Windows:
ReadMe file

Vfx Forth for macOS: (not for Catalina)
ReadMe file
Tarball to Install
GTK 32 bit binaries

Vfx Forth for x86 Linux:
ReadMe file
Tarball to Install

VFX Forth for ARM Linux:
ReadMe file
Tarball to install

XVFX Forth 7 cross compilers

XC7 common compiler release notes
XC7 common target release notes

Arm/Cortex cross compiler
ReadMe file
Getting started
Windows installer
OS/X tarball not for Catalina.
x86 Linux tarball