Last updated: 4 June 2014

Forth Scientific Library


The Forth Scientific Library Project was created by Skip Carter with the goal of providing resources that might be useful to those doing scientific or numerically intensive work using the Forth language.

The home page for the project is located here. This site is often not available, in which case use one of the two links below.

A copy of a recent release can be downloaded from the FLAG server here.

An old version of the code can be downloaded from here

The current maintainer for the Library is Charles G. Montgomery, who would welcome any questions or comments.


The Forth Scientific Library Project provides a number of resources. The Forth Scientific Library itself includes a collection of files, denoted as Algorithms, contributed by volunteers, covering tasks such as the evaluation of special functions, interpolation, quadrature, matrix manipulations and linear algebra, random number >generation, etc. Each contribution has been reviewed by an independent reviewer, also a volunteer. The Algorithms are in standard Forth-94 with any extensions provided in the included documentation.

Also provided is a collection of "utility files" contributed as possibly useful to users of the Library. These include implementaions of the syntax for creating and accessing arrays as used in the FSL, complex number support, and other utilities and tests. The utility file contributions do not undergo the same peer review process as the Algorithms in the Library itself, but do get some checking for correctness.

Licensing details vary with the preferences of the authors, but all code is freely available for any use.


The code download address works as of May 2014, but access to the pages at Taygeta is erratic.

For those already familiar with the FSL, the current version of a Gnu-zipped tarfile of the Library and utility files is at this url.

Others are strongly encouraged to visit the home site, where there is more information about the procedures for contributing and reviewing code, links to related sites (including a mirror of Julian Noble's programming pages from the University of Virginia), and other related information.

News and discussion about the Forth Scientific Library commonly appear in the Usenet group comp.lang.forth.


Comments, questions, code contributions, offers to review code, and other items are always welcomed by the FSL maintainer.
(If the FSL home site is temporarily unavailable for some reason, I can provide files from my personal mirror when requested by email.)